About me

Stephan Brönnimann,
software engineer

Name Stephan Brönnimann
Profession software engineer HTL/NDS
Date of birth October 26, 1961
Marital status Married, 3 children
Nationality Swiss
Languages German, English, French (poor writing)


During 20+ years I’ve been working in the telecommunication industry as:

  • Consultant to Ericsson Malaysia for U-Mobile operations
  • Consultant to Atos Origin Turkey, Celcom Malaysia and Axiata Malaysia
  • OSB systems: Working independent on OSB as Open Source project, see http://www.osb-system.com and http://www.osb-system.de/wiki.
  • iSoftel Ltd, Singapore: System architect for an object oriented rating and billing system for communication networks (OSB) and RSB which is based on this library. The main focus on my work was on class design and modeling of the database.
  • MoBiTai Communications, Taiwan: Consultant for the Y2K migration of BSCS. This involved specification of user requirements, integration with the data warehouse, driving the acceptance test and initial production support.
  • Omnitel Pronto Italia, Milano: Technical and administrative project manager. Design and implementation of requirements to their version of BSCS.
  • LHS international, Zürich: Developer of applications using ORACLE databases (C/C++, PL/SQL on UNIX, Centura on Windows)


  • Ability to think in different levels of abstraction and quickly change between them.
  • Highly responsible with very good analytical skills.
  • Capability to understand the viewpoint of other people (empathy) and to adopt their thinking.
  • Searching generic solutions that are tolerant to future changes.
  • Problem solution with UML and agile software development.

Technical Skills

UML, C and C++, Qt, Java, JSP (incl. HTML and CSS), SQL, ORACLE and PL/SQL, Unix


Share-holder of Kendra Systems and Kendra Solutions (both MY). The two companies develop and operate real-time processing of payment transactions.

Business/Working Experience

Mar 2014 –

Kendra Systems (MY): business development

Mar 2013 – Feb 2014

Ericsson Malaysia: Consultant for Managed Operations of U-Mobile.

Mar 2012 – Feb 2013

Axiata Malaysia: Group IT strategy, BSS consultant.

May 2011 – Feb 2012

Further development of OSB.

Oct 2010 – Apr 2011

Work for Celcom Malaysia for integration of Kenan with Huawei’s NGIN.

Oct 2008 – Apr 2010

Consultant to Atos Origin Turkey for software architecture.

Jun 2003 – Oct 2008

Independent further development on OSB as open source project,
installation of OSB for Imagine, France and Electcoms, Malaysia
several tries with iSoftel to sell the system,
a few consultant jobs for Connectiva Systems.

Sep 2003 – Nov 2003

RSB Production support to Clearhub (Singapore) for their wholesales SMS gateway system.

Jan 2001 – May 2003

For iSoftel Ltd. Singapore, together with Andreas Huggel: Responsible for the development of the OSB (Object oriented Sc
alable Billing) library and applications based on it.

May 2000 – Dec 2000

Contracted as independent technical consultant for MTC Namibia: production support, specification and integration of maintenance changes, training of MTC IT staff, and implementation of credit limit application.

Jan 1999 – Apr 2000

Contracted as independent project consultant for MoBiTai Communications: Migration from BSCS 3 to BSCS 5.21: Review architecture, project management control, integration with data warehouse, system acceptance test and stabilization in production.

Apr 1998 – Dec 1998

Project manager for MTC Namibia’s migration from BSCS 2 to BSCS 4.

Aug 1997 – Mar. 1998

Vodafone Malta Limited: Support acceptance tests for GSM (phase 1) and ETACS market (phase 2).

Jan 1997 – Jul 1997

Manager of development group LHS in Zürich: focusing on changes for upgrading Swisscom from BSCS 3 to BSCS 4 and incorporating the NMT market.

Nov 1995 – Jan 1997

Administrative and technical project manager for the OMNITEL project.

Nov 1994 – Nov 1995

Omnitel Pronto Italia: technical project manager, working on the architecture and the implementation of customer specific change requests: Customer Administration, Rating and Billing.

Apr 1994 – Nov 1994

Design, coding and installation of the interface module to the Local EIR (Equipment Identity Register). French Translation of BSCS and installation for Cap Gemini.

Feb 1994 – Mar 1994

System test BSCS 2 for WESTEL


After finishing the high school in 1981 I completed my studies in chemistry at the university of Bern (Switzerland) in 1988 where I also worked as assistant for 5 years.
In 1993 I studied software engineering at Swiss Software School Bern.


  • Software engineer HTL/NDS , Software School of Switzerland, January 26, 1994
  • Master of chemistry, University of Berne, Switzerland, May 19, 1988

HTL: Höheres Technisches Lehramt (engl: School for superior technical education)
NDS: NachDiplom Studium (engl: Studies after 1st diploma)


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